Thankyou Los Angeles

Thankyou Felicia Filer of Cultural Affairs for suggesting Pershing Square.

Thankyou Hon Jan Perry of Council District 9 and staff for supporting the project.

Thankyou Arturo Gonzalez, El Sereno Area Director for the Hon Jose Huizar of Council District 14 for supporting and promoting the project.

Thankyou Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa for supporting earthquake preparedness and awareness.

Thankyou Vicki Israel, Carl Cooper, Annamaria Galbraith and Louise Capone of Recreation and Parks for considering the project at Pershing Square.

Thankyou Russell Brown of the Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District for supporting the project.

Thankyou Jim Featherstone, Anna Burton and Joann Troncale of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department for supporting the project and handling permitting.

Thankyou Lucy Jones of the US Geological Survey, Multi Hazards Initiative in Southern California for supporting the project from the beginning and providing seed funding.

Thankyou Kate Long of the Earthquake and Tsunami Program, California Emergency Management Agency for consultation and support of the project.

Thankyou Great ShakeOut PR team for promoting the project.

Thankyou Captain Stacy Gerlich, CERT Co-Ordinator, LAFD, Disaster Preparedness Unit for supporting the project.

Thankyou Carol Stakenas and staff of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) for being the Fiscal Agent of the project and hosting a performance by Earthquake Quartet #1.

Thankyou Andy Michael, Stephanie Ross and Lucy Jones for performing Earthquake Quartet #1 @ LACE on the 14th October

Thankyou Degenkolb Engineering for sponsoring the project and providing the engineers report for Pershing Square.

Thankyou Lynn Tejada and Charlene Boehne of Green Galactic Media for PR.

Thankyou Susan Joyce of Fringe Exhibitions for Co-Producing.

Thankyou Coco Conn for connecting. Lisa Hasko for tuning in. Mr Snow for web 2.0 tools. Lynn Bryant for graphics. Geo Homsy and Stock Plum for being on software re-engineering standby.

Thankyou for being in this together as earthquakes are everybody's business!


D.V. Rogers - Oct 23rd 2010