LAMoves (LA*02010) - Are You Prepared?
Pershing Square, Los Angeles, California
14th October - 21st October 2010
©© D.V. Rogers 02010

Are You Sure You're Prepared?

LAMoves was a socially driven, art-science installation comprising a temporary disaster relief camp assembled around an earthquake shake table machine planned for an eight day performance in Pershing Square, Los Angeles during October 2010. Employing social awareness techniques, LAMoves was a cultural engineering exercise attempting to create attention within the downtown Los Angeles community towards encouraging greater earthquake awareness and preparedness as part of the Californian, 'Great ShakeOut' - Get Ready campaign!

LAMoves was an attempt to expands on the art-science, machine earthwork, the 'Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork' (PIEQF) which took place in remote central California during the summer of 2008 by introducing a community and social outreach strategy towards creating greater earthquake awareness and preparedness within the Los Angeles community.

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The concept of LAMoves was to create a socially engaged art action based around the theme of collective responsibility in this age of 'crisis'. The project attempted to employ cultural tools and techniques of performance installation which represented and reflected themes based around the imminence of geological disaster and ecological crisis.

LAMoves was a cross-cultural and broad reaching awareness and preparedness exercise which attempted to focus on the real threat of a devastating earthquake occurring in the Los Angeles region within the next two decades. As little as 30% of Los Angelean's are prepared for a seismic disaster of great magnitude occurring. It is the first three to five days after a great earthquake in Southern California that community driven self-reliance is essential and vital as emergency response services will be overwhelmed with assistance for help.

The M7.2 earthquake in Mexicali on the 4th April 2010 in Southern California just south of the Mexican border was a timely reminder for Californians. The project was strategically poised to directly engage with crisis management services, non-governmental organizations, relief agencies and the art community in an attempt to create greater public awareness about the imminence of geological disaster occurring in region of the Los Angeles. We are in this together and earthquakes are everybody's business.

At the eleventh hour a $21,021 city permit fee prevented the installation from happening.

Thankyou to the many people who supported the concept of LAMoves.

D.V. Rogers - Nov 16th 2010



  • 8th-14th October - Installation Period.
  • 14th October - Opening Night with Music Performance by 'Earthquake Quartet'.
  • 15th October - Film Screening of 'Shaun of the Dead' (Art Squared Program).
  • 16th-17th October - CERT Presence and Training in Planning for Grassland Area.
  • 21st October - Great ShakeOut State Wide Drill 10.21am.
  • 21st-24th October - Strike! Site is vacated by end Sunday 24th October.
  • DOWNLOAD Degenkolb Engineer's Investigation of Event Feasibility .pdf (3.1mb)
    Shake Table Specifications